The Following ministry was developed in  SE Manitoba, Canada in the 1990's and impacted the community significantly and came to  involve the RCMP, the Justice Department,  Church Leaders of the area, the Public Highschool, College and University Students and most of all Families and Teens.

It is included here in the hope that its principals can  help Youth around the world.

Youth Partnership is not an orginization to join it is an idea to plant, grow, nurture and bear fruit.



Bringing Needs and Resources Together 

Youth Partnership has been created to Raise the quality of life of underprivileged individuals and troubled teens in an effort to help develop Hope, Self Worth, Self-esteem and Friendship. Primarily to:  help youth overcome Loneliness, Frustration and Fear and curtail Depression - which ultimately may lead to suicide or Frustration - which can lead to Anger than Violence  

To identify the needs of an individual and help him find the solution, the person or agency that can best help him but more important help him identify goals and then to map out a plan to achieve those - identifying individuals or community services that are available to achieve that end.

The concept is simple: 

Every man is created in the Image of God
There is no man Jesus didn’t die for  

Because of fragmented families, alienation, alcohol and drug abuse, many children do not grow up in a secure setting able to relate to a loving God.. Through positive intervention our aim is that youth will come to realize the incredible worth their lives are.  

As Jesus Christ came into this world to reconcile man to God, as He loves us and brought purpose into our lives so we to are called to love others and help bring purpose into their lives.

As man is brought into relationship with God, his life will start impacting others to the same degree.

Youth Partnership is not about joining another organization. It is about coming alongside a person who has an overwhelming problem.

Take him/her out for coffee or a meal. This demonstrates a very important principal: 

As we are both in exactly the same need of food
so are we both in the same need of God’s grace! 

In this setting you are not a counselor, you are a friend in a team to which the other person is the most important component. In this setting you draw out the needs of the individual and start formulating steps, and identifying participants who can resolve a particular need.

Our aim is to work with the prisons, the Police, the Probation Departments, the Public Schools, and come alongside other organizations, the Salvation Army, Teen Challenge, Youth for Christ, Prison Fellowship….. 
to restore human dignity to the broken hearted.

- Dan Moody


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