Instant Emergency Response System


The Establishment of a Humanitarian
National Instant Emergency Alert System
For Worldwide Deployment


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Global Peace Partners
1005 S. Cocalico Rd.
Denver, PA  17517

Dan Moody
Phone:  717 502 4330
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Michael & Angel Jordan
Concerned Citizens of the World

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Table of Contents




I.       UAlerted Introduction

II.      National Broadcasts

III.     Community, Local and State Broadcasts

IV.     Compare UAlerted

V.       Implementation of UAlerted

VI.      Deployment of UAlerted




UAlerted is a free emergency broadcast system for computers and smart phones. A utility icon built to bring instant, detailed awareness to the public in a specific area from a 5 mile radius extending out to country wide… within seconds at no cost.


UAlerted is certified no spyware, malware or malicious components by Panda Security, one of the leaders in anti-virus and anti-spyware security.


Anonymous as TV and radio broadcasts, a colored alert box displays on a user’s device when an alert has been issued for their proximity.  Alerts are generated 3 ways by approved agencies and approved data feeds:


In times of emergency, seconds count. UAlerted was created to notify the public in specific areas for virtually any type of emergency and warning, both local and national. Examples of emergencies range from weather (tornadoes, tsunamis, etc.) to security (terrorist threats, terrorists acts, etc.) to missing persons.



National Broadcasts:
National Government

Terrorism Threats
Nuclear Threats
Bio Terrorism Threats
Terrorist Suspects
Health Alerts
Evacuation Alerts


Community Local / State Broadcasts:
Acts of Nature:                            Acts of Man:

Severe Storms
Tidal Surges
Snow Emergencies
Dam or Levy Breaks
Evacuations/Evacuation routes

Terrorism Threats
Bomb Threats
Nuclear Threats
Bio Terrorism Threats
Chemical Spills
Water Contamination


Missing Persons        Education                    Local Crime


School Closings
School Lockdowns
School Evacuations
School Health Alerts

Sexual Predators
Prison Escapees
Terrorist Suspects
Hostage Situations


Compare UAlerted


Compare UAlertd to other emergency broadcasts and the difference is clear. Use the zero cost Alert to save lives. 

Phone systems are expensive, slower, provide limited details and reach the audience when near a phone only. 

Television is limited in reach to an audience in front of the TV and retention of details is difficult.  

Radio is limited in reach to an audience with a radio on and retention of details is more difficult.

Audio Sirens are limited in reach to the area within earshot and provide no details. 

UAlerted allows you to create and broadcast alerts from a computer or mobile device anywhere.

UAlerted provides expanded information access including images, video, audio and text.

Reach a specific audience whether localized within a 5 miles radius to nationwide in seconds. 

No hardware, software, training or resource costs. UAlerted is free.



Implementation of UAlerted:

The Local and National Government shall:

  • Notify each Wireless Phone Service Provider operating in the Country to send the UAlerted app to all Customers using Smart Phones
  • Notify each Internet Service Provider operating in the Country to send an email to all Customers letting the Customers know that they are to download UAlerted to their computer(s) since this is the National Emergency Alert Response System which will be used.
  • Notify all media outlets to include but not be limited to TV Stations, Radio Stations, Internet Radio Stations, Newspapers, Internet News websites operating in the Country to make a Public Service Announcement each hour they are on the air or in every piece of printed material for 90 consecutive days letting the listeners/audience know to download UAlerted to their computers as this is the State/National Emergency Al ert Response System
  • Every Local and National Government Agency for Military, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Fire Departments, Emergency Services, Hospitals must also Register with UAlerted in order to have the Authority and the ability to create an Emergency Alert  
  • Who Creates Alerts:
  • What Type of Alerts:
  • Only Authorized Agencies:
  • Public Participation for Computers/Smart Phone:

Deployment of UAlerted:


The above method of deploying UAlerted will ensure the highest installation rates for each State/Country which chooses to use this free tool to help save lives and too establish a State/National Emergency Alert Response System or to enhance the current system that is in place. Some ask about the outlying Villages, who do not have consistent electrical power, to which we reply, "Begin using UAlerted wherever you can to establish the foundation of a State/National Emergency Alert System, that will already be in place when the issue of consistent electrical power is addressed by the Country".

This method of deployment is the least expensive as it enlists the participation of Companies doing business in the State/Country and who are turning a profit through marketing to the Citizens.




UAlerted has been created for ease of use so that any National or Local Government, can have a National Emergency Alert Response System, installed and in place within 2 weeks. By adhering to the suggested implementation procedures as outlined in this proposal, every Country Worldwide will have UAlerted in place, and protecting the Citizens, Law Enforcement and Military Personnel and Tourist.

All technical questions related to UAlerted shall be directed to [email protected] and/or [email protected].





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