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The Healing Community  - Dr. Wayne Nickens, MD

Mission: To communicate the Love of God in the language of healing and establish safe places and healthy communities for the distribution of His blessings.

 Healing Community Is: The Healing Community is a non-denominational ministry whose purpose is to manage the cultural, physical, cognitive, and spiritual transformation to the best for individuals, families, and communities worldwide. Transformation to healing in all dimensions of life is guided by The Spirit of Truth, empowered by the Love of God, and motivated by compassion for others and self. The Healing Community projects are multidisciplinary, collaborative efforts to serve others through the process of healing disease by establishing a network of safe places for people to abide to receive knowledge and understanding of the truth about disease and healing. We offer emotional comfort, practical help, effective care, deliverance from the disease of addiction, meaningful forgiveness, enlightening education, personal and community advocacy, professional training, wisdom counseling, mentoring, spiritual and physical nutritional support, renewing of the mind, a new beginning, healthy identity, and Love as the Way to a blessed, healthy community. We understand that culture is the medium of healing and God is the Source.



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