Global Peace Partners, bridges the turbulent
waters of political, religious, cultural and
social boundaries through medical
diplomacy.  Taking the lead before disaster
strikes, our Care Convoy delivers Search,
Rescue and Medical Equipment to enable
nations to be better prepared for the disasters
growing in frequency and intensity around the



The concepts, percolating since the Mozambique flood of

2000, could have significant impact not only on disasters

increasing in both frequency and intensity, but could

substantially fill the greater need of improving global

relations.  Each venue is ready to move ahead.  I am appealing

to you for assistance in whatever manner you should feel you

can participate.




The Aerospace community heard about our vision and stepped up to

the plate designing two aircraft that would play a

significant role in:

1.  Rapid Response

  a.  Both by providing additional Surgical Suites (Next Generation)

  b.  Man Power (Paramedics, Doctors, SAR Teams and Critical Supplies

  c.  The most Advanced Communications Systems

  d.  Intensive Care Evacuation


  e.  Continuing Education in Medical/Surgical when not in Disaster Mode

  f.  Conference Rooms in Addition to be used for Diplomatic Purposes


      to restore and rebuild relationships on a global scale


Additionally we have a SAR training ready to move ahead under the

direction of Jake Heflin

focusing on using the

Native American Community to:

1.  Make use of the Agility and Endurance Skills of young adult

Native Americans

    In the process provide purpose and achievement in the lives of

many of our

    indigenous colleagues 

2.  Provide a training in Search and Rescue that would

be comparable to a navy seal

    type operation but at the same time would strengthen a sense of

community, wellbeing

    purpose and hopefully capture the hearts of every 12 year old

native boy saying:

    "thats what I want  to be" (This is ready to go - yesterday!)

3.  Make use of Veterans that have been trained as medics in a

civilian capacity that

    can not only utilize the training, skills and experience but can

help make the transition

    easier from military to civilian status.

4.  Our blueprint for a Global Paramedic Training is ready to move

ahead with the component

that would be paramount that all participants pledge to work across

racial, religious nationalistic borders with the twofold purpose to:

 Save Lives and at the same time build trusting and lasting  positive



For Example: 

If  disaster strikes Cambodia the first international teams could

come out of Viet Nam!


To  give  the Paramedic Training more value on the global scale a

hospital component would be built in so that those people trained

can be included in the staffing in hospitals that has

been traditionally relegated to Drs. Nurses and Technicians (I have

spoken to two Doctor's at the UN that endorse this concept.


As these Paramedic Units are built a Global 911 Data Base can be

put in place interconnecting the different organizations making

response more efficient and doing our best to eliminate the

politics that has traditionally crept into our emergency services 


Our Care Convoy started in Idaho by Todd Jaynes is collecting

unused Medical Fire Rescue Equipment and shipping to developing



There is no better profession to enlist in the great need to rebuild

and restore relationships than the medical community.  We have

ventured out in to thinking big and boldly but at the same time

passionately believe that this is the critical energy needed to bring

into realization a safer saner world. Physicians for Peace with 3200

Surgeons has requested to partner with us.


With Dr. Ani Kalayjian and Dr. Wayne Nickens on our  board we have

the additional and significant opportunity to offer mass trauma and

Emotional Healing as well  


We have a great team of players ready to make all of this happen -

huge costs?  Yes!


The cost of doing nothing astronomical!  Please join us, as prayer

partners, financial partners, or even as point men on the front line!

Nov - Dec. 2011

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