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A passion for peace has been Dan\'s focus for decades. He has a genuine interest in people, has used that interest to work for reconciliation across countless religious, racial, and financial boundaries, and has done so in many practical ways. Dan has the ability to work with almost any situation and group of people, whether those people are prison inmates, members of street gangs, churches or synagogues or mosques---or elected public servants in Congress and the White House. Though Dan has served as an ordained minister who was exceptionally well-respected by his congregation, he is most comfortable with real-life interactions and works with people across all denominational barriers. In founding a large prison ministry, in working with government representatives to bring aid to Africa, in effectively working with gang members, and traveling to the front lines of a war zone, Dan has continued to effectively relate and interact with all he meets.

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The world is a fragile place There has never been an urgency like now to bring down walls of division and hostility that have been generated over decades and generations

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