May it be said.............


The last year of the decade had just started.  Times were tough, the worst recession
In decades had set in with a vengeance.  Around the world people were getting antsy.
Issues once settled with diplomacy and human decency were being resolved with guns,
 dynamite, and planes turned missile.   

Whether by intent, design or inadvertently, the media elevates the extremes, the hostility, the bombs.

A bomb would go off in Islamabad, maybe a few hundred dollars in dynamite,  an old car
an angry man.  CNN, Fox New, Reuters, The New York Times would pick it up – millions
of dollars worth of headline news, given free.  The terrorists did not need to invest in PR, and marketing firms. They had it and they had it globally.

 The explosive language of the far rights and the far lefts were being elevated on Fox and CNN.  Our media once the platform for pure and professional journalism had become the platform the sounding board for people with strong agendas.  The people doing wonderful things around the globe were going largely unnoticed.  We started a little news service online to change this. 

Resumes were coming in, people were capturing the vision, there was a sense of excitement and purpose.  The global interest was intense.  In two weeks we had outgrown the internet boundaries and we had to shut the news service down, waiting for the right person to come along with the savy to rebuild.

On Jan. 11th 2010 I had received a resume from Todd Jaynes in Idaho.  The man had a life time of paramedic skills, in training , in helicopter rescue flight.  I called him up, dusted off a decade old plan, conceived when the big flood hit Mozambique and the world response was zilch, zero, non existent for almost two weeks.  And we explored how we could move search and rescue paramedics to any part of the would fast, light, short duration.   16 hours after our first call we were on the phone discussing details and plans when the news came through of a 7.0 earthquake hitting the heart of Haiti. 

Since then disasters have intensified in frequency and magnitude.  The flood in Pakistan eclipsed the devastation in Mozambique a decade earlier.  Our plans had to accelerate and  take on new dimensions if we were to meet any of the current needs.   As we were developing our venues the Aerospace community heard of our organization.  4 teams of aeronautic engineers flew across the country to meet with me to discuss a suite of surgeries aboard a 747.

Could we work to secure a safer saner world through next generation medical technology combined with the most advanced aeronautics, molded with the art of diplomacy and the heart of compassion

Our first paramedic teams are ready to move, our Care Convoy under the leadership of Todd Jaynes has delivered $76,000 of rescue equipment to Mexico at a cost of $2,500 with another $100,000 in equipment ready to move  to Central America.

The time is urgent.  We need your help.  The cost is big the cost of doing nothing bigger. Join us, work with us be a part of a legacy we can pass on to the next generation.  May it be said of our generation
“they cared”.


Healing the Warriors

 HEALING THE WARRIORS, 4th Annual Rock, Rattle and Drum American Indian Pow Wow

Bennington, VT - Tucked into the southwest corner of Vermont, in the prestigious rolling Green Mountains, a spire rises just over 300 feet into the New England sky, paying tribute to a moment over 230 years ago when  the British Forces were met by the Green Mountain Boys coming to the aid of General Stark.  The well trained, disciplined, and equipped troops of the British Army fell to the feet of untrained undisciplined Yankee Soldiers, and the tide of war changed, bringing a nation one battle closer to freedom.  

On the morning of August 8, 2009, from the shadows of the Battle of Bennington Monument in Bennington, VT , Danny Garcia, "The Walking Man", will step out with Healing Winds and members of America's First Nation and trek 30 miles on foot to Stephentown, NY,  the site of the Fourth Annual  Rock, Rattle and Drum Pow Wow and Spirit on the Mountain Music Festival (August 7, 8, and 9th).  Danny is walking to honor all Veterans and to fundraise in support of White Eagle’s Veteran’s “Healing the Heart” Program and Conference.  

Fidel Moreno, and his wife Susan Jameson are currently Co-directors of Healing Winds, a Native American Educational and Cultural Organization which utilizes multi-media applications and the performing arts to enhance appreciation and respect for Native American and Aboriginal Cultures and wisdom traditions.  Fidel, an award-winning film maker is the President of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico as well as President and CEO of Native Visions Arts Center. 

This event, a significant contribution to keeping native culture alive, will pay tribute to our veterans through its theme:  America – Fly Like an Eagle, Forever Free – Honoring our Veterans, Healing our Warriors.  

Stephentown itself just staggering under the onslaught of nature’s wrath, the target of 6 inches of rain inside a few hours on July 29th will rise above its own devastation to give honor to all of the Nations Native Communities in song, in dance:  traditional, fancy, grass, and jingle dress.  Tots to Elders will participate celebrating a rich heritage.   

Performers scheduled will include:  Nashville recording artist Red Hawk and the Renegade Country Band, the Billy Kruetzman Trio, the Depth Quartet featuring Scot Murawski of Max Creek, Rev Tor (voted one of the top guitarists in the Berkshires), as well as Geraldine Barney, a Navaho singer/songwriter extraordinaire.  The event will be crowned by Joanne Shenandoah, Grammy Award winner and 11 time Native American Music Award winning artist.    

The theme of the Festival, Fly Like an Eagle, Forever Free – Honoring Our Veterans, Healing our Warriors will bring awareness to and honor the efforts of individuals and organizations that make a difference in the lives of veterans.  Guests of honor include New York State Senator Roy McDonald (Vietnam Veteran), Colonel (Ret) James D. McDonough, Jr., Director of the New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs, William Kraus, Executive Deputy Director of the New York State Division of Veterans' Affairs, and Jake Singer (Navajo/Vietnam Veteran), Director for Walk with Warriors, and others.  

Among the veteran’s organizations to be honored is Homes for Our Troops, a non-partisan organization dedicated to provide specially adapted homes for severely injured service members.  This group is in the top-rated category of The American Institute of Philanthropy.  

Walk with Warriors Inc. is making a difference in the lives of American Indian Veterans in acknowledging and promoting American Indian values, beliefs, and faith and bringing awareness to the teachings of our Native American Brothers and their Ancestors.   

The Vet Center Program of Springfield, MA, is providing their 39 foot Mobile Veterans Center Clinic to give free medical care and psychological counseling to all veterans.  All vets are welcomed with honor and given quality readjustment counseling with love and care, with the goal being to secure a positive future for veterans and their families.  

Danny Garcia, a former Marine, former law enforcement officer, and Vietnam Veteran, will be the special guest speaker for this event.  He will give honor to the Native Communities and to fellow veterans who have served America in various conflicts and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives.  Since 1996, Garcia (also an ordained minister) has walked across five continents, over 25,000 miles on foot, walking for children and world peace, meeting with world leaders, ministering to the famous and to the poorest of the poor (    

As the drums of the Rez Dogs, Mystic River and the Wolf Cry Singers roll across the mountains and hills of upstate NY, and the Aztec Dancers in their flaming regalia proclaim a glory of a people, our Native Brethren open their hands and hearts and invite everyone to come honor and celebrate the richness of the American Indian Culture.  By joining the festivities, every American can experience a profound tie to the indigenous roots of our Nation.  

For more information:  or  call 518 733 9227
email:  [email protected]

Proceeds to benefit the Native American Interpretative Center, The White Eagle Sanctuary, and the Longhouse for Peace Construction Fund.  Healing Winds is a not for profit organization whose mission is to establish Native American Cultural and Educational Programming that honors wisdom traditions and spiritual technologies promoting community wellness and family harmony.  

Harlem Choir to Invade China with Music

From:  Dan Moody, CEO  The Moody Group, LLC;  1005 S. Cocalico Rd. Denver PA  17517 – 717 207 9362 

July 2, 2009 

Harlem to Shanghai – Garcia Walks to Raise $30,000 for Harlem Musicians  

Danny Garcia, “The Walking Man”, is walking to raise $30,000 for The Boys And Girls Choir Of Harlem Alumni Ensemble to travel to Shanghai to perform, by special invitation, at the 2009 International Arts Festival along with top artists of 30 other nations.  Over decades,  The Harlem Choir has performed at The White House, The United Nations, Carnegie Hall, the Cathedral of St. John, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, the U.S. Capitol, the Kennedy Space Center and Cathedrals around the world.  This distinguished group has performed for Nelson Mandela and the Pope.  At the International Arts Festival to be held in October 2009, the Choir will proudly represent the United States as ambassadors of music to China.   

 On July 5th, Garcia will speak at the 11 am Sunday morning service at the church, with which the renowned choir is associated.  The Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church (Corner of 126th  Street and Madison Ave.) will launch Garcia’s walk after the service, and he will trek to Chinatown

by foot.  Every morning at 9:00 am, from July 6th – 10th, Danny will start walking again from the church in Harlem to:   Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association at  62 Mott St., symbolically and figuratively traveling for the Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem to China.  Through this simple act of walking, Chinatown is to be recognized as a bridge between the US and the Far East, where all are invited to walk and symbolize living together in peace and respect.    

During the week of July 5th the walk will include stops at the United Nations, President Clinton's Harlem Office, the Apollo Theater, Times Square, Ground Zero, the Empire State Building as well as other locations.  

On July 10th, this walk will culminate at the Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church at a 7:00 pm ceremony to commemorate the opening a new prayer Chapel that is to be available 24/7 to the local community.  This event will include a short concert from the Harlem Ensemble.   

Danny, a native of Spanish Harlem, is 64 years old and has walked around the globe on five continents, over 25,000 miles on foot, walking for children and world peace.  As Danny walks, his simple and genuine gestures of love and compassion attracts children and adults, sometimes by the thousands, who participate for one, for two, for ten miles.  Since 1996, Danny has touched the hearts of many nations, earning the respect of Heads of State, generals, ambassadors, and dignitaries around the world.  His heart is to share the love of God with all people or every nation.     

For more information, see Danny’s website:     

Sunday, July 5th
11:00 AM
Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church*
1975 Madison Ave.
New York, NY  10035 

Walk to end each day at:
(And at 4PM on Friday, July 10th)

Chinatown Partnership
60 St. James Place
New York, NY 10038

212 346 9288 

Ceremony and Concert
July 10th at 7 PM

Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church * 

Donations for the Harlem Boys and Girls Choir Alumni Ensemble China tour can be made to:

Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church
1975 Madison Ave.
New York, NY  10035

Please Designate: “China Tour”

Youths from Warring Nations find an Oaisis in Maine

 May 28, 2009

Deep in the heart of Maine, the almost unknown little town of Otisfield just north of Portland, is transformed into an oasis, into a paradise of woods, water, and hills, that opens its arms to youth, not the traditional summer camp that busy parents send their kids to and call vacation,  but a camp to which young adults come from the most explosive areas of the world. 

For a short time Otisfield becomes  home to Hundreds of young leaders, young adults from the most violent  sectors  of the world.  Israeli Youths Play soccer with their Palestinian counterparts. Young Indians canoe with their Pakistani neighbors.  Teens caught in the crossroads of decades of hostilities are brought together, to work together to play together and to search for answers together.  South East Asian youth that have seen decades of war, Egyptian, Jordanian Afghan youth leaders come together with American Youth to break through cultures of explosive rage and violence, years of animosity and fighting, daily blood baths.

Young adults taught a language of hatred now for the first time can see their enemies  up close, eye ball to eyeball, sharing breakfast, lunch, a marshmallow roast over a campfire, in competition not with guns and mortar but with racing, playing, running laughing and most of all a deep lesson that so many of us have yet to learn, that this planet has to be shared with those that do not share the same religion, the same nationality, the same race the same culture, the same politics that we have.

This small insignificant little town in Maine, plays perhaps the most significant role in global relationships.  While the Halls of Parliaments’, and Congresses around the world, while the UN in its plush offices in Lower East Side, endlessly debate politics and economics, these children are learning it where it counts and how it counts. 

Into this incredible under known side of this great state of Maine,  a troubadour for peace, having stepped out from the United Nations on May 11,  strides one step at a time to reach Bangor Maine on the 30th.  20 Cities in 20 days, 600 miles on foot for peace and this time specifically, through donations, to bring fresh water wells to the 2nd poorest nation in the world, Burkino Faso. 

Danny Garcia, has walked around the world for peace.  Covering over 25,000 miles on foot, walking across  5 continents for peace and children’s rights and humanitarian Aid.

As Danny comes into Newport Maine on May 29th, Mark Stevens, Innkeeper at the Brewster Inn in Dexter, ME has thrown the doors wide open for Danny to meet with Seeds of Peace.

As this meeting enfolds and plays out we invite you to participate.  The event though small has global significance, as Danny carries the message of these youth to the world.

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