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 Global Peace Partners, Inc.

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Our Team

When viewing this page, please take a moment to understand that Global Peace Partners does not share the typical corporate structure.  Everyone of our team understands Servant Leadership.  The Corporate Pyramid is turned upside down and our relationship to each other is described in a circle.  Each of our team has demonstrated this by maxing their lives out for others at great sacrifice to themselves personally.  

Global Thinking


Global Peace Partners (GPP) is re-defining  global thinking in the 21st century, and we are redefining it to meet the challenges of the global economy in forward thinking processes.   We bring to matters the instinctively global perspective and deep market knowledge, insights of academic, medical, philanthropic and charity as a challenge, not as a charity. We are a new breed of charity as such, we teach, we engage and we reinforce the message.  Locally we are “boots on the ground” site responders in a movement to engage greater diplomatic, at-times commence, and understandings in a healthy determined world. Healthy is the new fluency.  Our task is to connect the values.

Our expanding networks worldwide we indeed have a distinctive global way of thinking, working and behaving – “Aero Dynamic Fluency" – across borders, issues and practices. We show up when you need us most, when a crises is medical, we are experienced and we’re unstoppable in keeping up with the latest medical advances. Aero Dynamic Fluency is the bridge to a creative peace in a passionately global world seeking healthy peace of mind, body, ethos; the spirit of resilience.


Dan Moody, President and CEO

Dan Moody has served as Sr. Vice President in 8 Church Organizations. He developed several Prison Ministries that still exist today in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. Dan has published two books the first The Heavens are Opened, (Plough)  excerpts from the Theologian Eberhard Arnold accompanied by full page photographs of the Universe. His second publication:  A Straight Word to Kids and Parents (Plough) addresses 13 crisis topics for teenagers.

Dan Currently serves on the Board of Directors of Christ Jesus Ministry and on 
the Advisory Board of:
Association of Trauma Outreach & Prevention (ATOP) Meaningful World.

Interdisciplinary Research Projects and & World Conference IASE Deemed University,
Rajasthan, India 


Vice President and Medical Director -  Todd Jaynes

  Todd Jaynes with son

 Todd Jaynes, MBA;  Mr. Jaynes is an expert in business startup, development, and management.   He has started developed and/or managed 4 businesses.  In 1995 he started Desert Rain Sprinklers in Hurricane Ut. as a DBA of Jaynes Management Systems Inc.  Within 2 years the company had 17 people on its payroll and over $1 million in sales.  The company sold in year 3.  After a year as an intern with J. Rubin Steel in Rockford Ill. He returned to the west to work briefly for Pahrump Fire and Rescue before being recruited by The City of Mesquite Nevada to combine their Fire Department and Ambulance department.  No only did he accomplish this he was able to upgrade their service from an ILS service to an ALS service, increase the number of full time staff, and improve both the level of fire and ambulance service provided to the community. 

Jerome County then hired him to develop their EMS system which he did in less than 6 months.  Commissioners from Lincoln County Idaho recruited him to design, develop, and implement a County run EMS system which he did and was the director for 4 years of the ambulance taxing district. Todd has over the last 3 years in addition to the above accomplishments, built, tested, and proved a gasifier and with the help of his team developed a business plan, proformas, and other parts needed to commercialize the idea.  This project is to the point where after the demo plant is operational we will be able to build and operate commercial plants world wide.  Todd has a Bachelor?s degree in Business Management with a minor in Asian Studies from Weber State University and an MBA from University of Phoenix.  Todd has done internships with Morton international in their Asian Programs and with J Rubin Steel in their management program.

Jim White, COO AIR SAR Academy

James (Jim) P. White- Took the journey road instead of a physics appointment to a Military Academy. He preferred the NCO ranks in the US Army and at discharge became a maritime officer on research & academic oceans and science research vessels. Promoted to the corporate side working in the office of the shipowners.  Jim traveled around the world 36 times. When he retired from designing ships to building hotels with his position at Marriott Hotels International as chairman of the New York Metro area business council on tourism & travel. When Jim wasn't building ships and hotels, he was building extreme poverty food & shelter programs in communities around the country. He has a passion for science and boots on the ground research.  Appointments to ad-hoc legislative boards for PTSD and Veterans transition affairs he serves on the medical research board for the Veterans Hospital which has three-Nobel Prizes for science. His hobby "I like attending college lectures of all types of study". The sign on his office door reflects his humble character "Perpetual Intern." Faith centered, patient driven and solution motivated. He is as comfortable serving homeless populations hot food, hot and cold food, cold and just as comfortable speaking to bank presidents, Ambassador's or in front of large groups.  Jim and his colleagues wrote the resilience math matrix in structure too "ending veterans homeless" and today sees a 73% success element from this coupling equation of philanthropic and phenomenology abstract. With his can do teams and associates in the field of outreach-intervention and mentor-ship  the"equipotential" and community potentials re-ignited as are the gifts to the healing spirit for a safer and saner world.

Dr. Wayne Nickens, MD

Dr. Wayne Nickens received a B.S. from Howard University in 1968 and an M.D. from George Washington University in 1972.  In his 37 years of practice, Dr. Nickens has directed family practice clinics, served as Clinical Director and Medical Director of various hospitals, wellness centers, and chemical dependency treatment centers.  Dr. Nickens is certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as an addiction medicine specialist.  He is the author of “Not Guilty, Not Crazy”, Alcoholism is an Inherited Disease (1986) and wrote and developed the continuum of care program for chemical dependency treatment for the State of Nebraska, the Cherokee Nation, and Charter Hospital.  From 2007 to 2010 Dr. Nickens has taught Military Chaplains and Chaplain’s Assistants, soldiers, military commanders, Veterans, and families from his new book “Eat Me, the Ultimate Diet” at Tripler Army Hospital, AMR, and Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, and Fort Sill in Oklahoma, courses on the physical basis of stress related illness and a holistic model for healing.  He was consulting researcher in a DoD research paper titled PTSD AND THE NATIVE SOLDIER published 2009.  He is present chairman of the Hawaii chapter of the Blue Star Families.  Dr. Nickens was also named Principal Investigator of a Congressional Medical Research Project to test Advanced Technology for measuring brain stress and effectiveness of interventions to promote healing in brain injury.  Dr. Nickens is serving on the board of the Veterans Engagement Research Center of Pittsburg, PA and has served the interests of homeless Veterans and their families nationally for 37 years.  He is founder and Chief Overseer of the Healing Community, consultant to Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC in Hawaii, the NANAINA Nurses, the Comanche Nation, and the Cherokee elders.

Anthony Caldwell, Vice President

Anthony Caldwell specializes in formulating marketing strategies and helping companies globalize. Prior to his appointment as Director of International Trade & Protocol for the State of New Jersey, he worked for IDT / Net2phone Inc., a communications company that provides VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).and served as Vice President for the International Division. 

Mr. Caldwell started his career with the Bell System at Pacific Telephone and the 22 years with AT&T in various management capacities before moving to Lucent Technologies. At Lucent he was a Business Development Director in the Optical Networking Group after spending six years in the Wireless Network Group.

Mr. Caldwell began his education in the international arena as a Peace Corps Volunteer, serving terms in Liberia and Nigeria, West Africa. Since then Mr. Caldwell has participated in trade missions with the Federal Government and the State of New Jersey to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas representing the communications industry for companies he has worked for. He has been the keynote speaker for several international organizations; in 1999, he was asked by the South African Government to chair a session in New York City on doing business in South Africa.

Mr. Caldwell was a four term appointed representative and previous Chairman for the State of New Jersey District Export Council for the U. S. Dept. of Commerce as well as on the Export Council’s National Steering Committee. The National Steering Committee regularly advises the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on international trade issues. Mr. Caldwell is the Secretary of the New Jersey World Trade Council.

Mr. Caldwell was a member of the U.S. – South Africa Business Council, which represents U.S. business interest and provides input to the U.S. Government as it pertains to Southern Africa.  Within the Council Mr. Caldwell was the former Chairman of the Business Development Committee; as such this position afforded him access to two U.S. Department of Commerce Secretaries, former Vice President Gore, US-AID, US-TDA and many other U.S. government officials on African issues. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Rutgers Council for Southern Africa under Rutgers University.

Mr. Caldwell was a subject matter expert for the U.S. State Dept. and the National Intelligence Council and his input was published by the RAND Group for the U.S. Dept. of State in 2002. He has been quoted or written about in the New York Times, the New Jersey Star Ledger, The Trenton Times and the RAND publications. In 2006, Mr. Caldwell’s presentation “Doing Business in the International Marketplace – from a Legal Perspective” was published by the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Education. In 2007 he was a keynote speaker at Montclair State University School of Business for Business Week. 

Mr. Caldwell is a graduate of California State University, Hayward, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology.  (Now known as the University of California East Bay). Mr. Caldwell obtained a Teacher’s Certificate from Texas Southern University, in conjunction with his Peace Corps teacher training.  He also received a Global Marketing Certificate from George Washington University, School of Business. More recently he has taken classes in philanthropy at The Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University and also successfully completed and received a certificate for Land Use Law and Planning from the State Office of Smart Growth for New Jersey.


Jake Heflin, SAR Director


Jake Heflin
Jake has worked as a public servant for most of my adult life.  Jake has served in local, state and federal levels of leadership.  Currently, servingas Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Long Beach, California.  Jake started his career in the fire service in 1991 as a Paid Call Firefighter for the Orange County Fire Authority.  In 1994, Jake graduated from paramedic school at Saddleback College.  In 2000, and was hired by the City of Long Beach Fire Department.  

Member of the Long Beach Fire Department Honor Guard, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) team and California Urban Search and Rescue Regional Task Force #3.  
Previously, served as the LBFD Paramedic Committee Chair, the California State Firefighters Association (CSFA) EMS Committee Chair and a member on the CSFA Tribal Committee.  
Member on the California State Emergency Medical Services Agency Directors Advisory Group.

Director for the Long Beach Fireman’s Mutual Benefit Association.  Jake is a Paramedic Preceptor for Los Angeles County and has served as a skills and peer instructor for various fire and EMS related training throughout the last 18 years.  Jake holds a Teaching Credential in Vocational Education. 



Advisory Board:

Esther DePommery, PhD

Dr. Esther DePommery Comtesse de Lambrey   Switzerland (Israel 2007)
Professor Dr. h.c. International Medical Association
World experience:  Co-founder and Honorary President of "Israel to the Nations"  
Ambassador of Red Cross, Geneva
Ambassador of Yad-Sarah, Israel 
Ambassador of Leavi, Jerusalem 
CEO of the Ombudsman of Bulgaria, patron of Human Rights  
Director of the Annual Charity Christmas Concert (City of Basle) 
Member of the Board of Directors of The Europe Fine Art Foundation Monte-Carlo  
Member of Board of Directors of World Youth Talent founded by Roger Moore  
Member of the UNESCO - Arts of Culture Committee, Paris   
Member of the Board of Trustees University of Basle, Switzerland 
Member of the Billionaire's club  
Member of "Flying Doctors" Nigeria 
Honorary Doctorate International Medical Association of Bulgaria 
Honorary-Chair-person for Relief Efforts Romanian, Switzerland  
Humanitarian efforts for Bulgaria in cooperation with Foundation Bulgaria International, Sofia  
Honorary membership of two cities in Romania, Anina and Bucarest 
New hospital "Esther de Pommery" built in Montana, Bulgaria, by King Simeon, President of Bulgaria  Member of the International Committee to the Rector Sofia University, Bulgaria awarded firstdegree Sofia University Medal of Honor in 1999 
Presidential National Medal of Bulgaria, Madarsky Konnik“- first degree in 2004 (This medal was given from President Georgi Parvanov at his Palace and the ceremony was attended by the Swiss Ambassador Pierre Luciri and Alexander Philipov, member of Parliament/Roma Leader)

Dr. Richard Sapienza PhD


Richard Sapienza is the owner of Visibly Green, a Greenfield Ohio company specializing in green energy technology and as a business and employment cooperative that represents a new approach to providing support to the creation of new businesses. Visibly Green enables budding entrepreneurs to experiment with their business ideas while benefiting from a secure income.  Once the business is established, the entrepreneur is not forced to leave and set up independently, but can stay and become a full member of the co-operative. The micro-enterprises thus combine to form one multi-activity enterprise whose members provide a mutually supportive environment for each other. 

Dr. Sapienza as scientist and leader created an organization structured to (a) conduct successful R&D programs, and (b) rapidly develop new processes and products for the government, industry, and commerce. His developments of non-toxic, environmentally friendly deicers for aircraft applications received R&D Magazines R&D Award for one of the best technical innovations of 2001. Dr. Sapienza also discovered and patented a catalytically reactive topical skin protectant against chemical warfare agents and alternative ignition catalysts for advanced monopropellants. Under his leadership, the small business grew to 30 employees with over $6 million per year of contract research and three major commercialization projects. He has fostered participation partnerships, internal team building, staff mentoring, and hiring consultants. By creating an open atmosphere of communication and interaction between scientific and engineering personnel with a defined applied science and industrial ecology strategy, he has managed innovation, practiced tech transfer, and has acted as an information specialist spotting and placing new technology. 

Dr. Sapienza has over 30 years of program management experience and 35 years developing new materials and methods. While at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Dr. Sapienza directed, administered, promoted and coordinated activities of the Fuels and Catalysis Division. He supervised a multi‑disciplined research team on projects related to alternative fuels, energy conversion and energy conservation for industry, government and academia; interfaced with laboratory administration, other departments and divisions, providing scientific and engineering expertise for new program directives and was consultant to MIT chemical Engineering Practice School programs. His innovative efforts have resulted in a new metal winning process; homogeneous and heterogeneous high activity catalysts for fuels and hydrogen production; approaches to diesel soot reduction and dielectric fluids. The National Research Council as a future “benchmark discovery in catalysis” has recognized his homogeneous methanol patent. 

In addition to his R&D experience, Dr. Sapienza has lectured at the university level.  He is highly regarded for his creativity, enthusiasm, fine communication skills and ability to work with others. Dr. Sapienza has lead several teams assessing new technology and organized technical teams for a business strategy for pollution reduction and hazardous materials minimization and the commercial development of space.  Dr. Sapienza has authored over 50 publications and patents and has been an invited speaker at universities, professional meetings, conferences and symposia.  He has also contributed to television and radio programs and his work has been featured in newspapers and magazines. 

Married and father to four children, he enjoys soccer and writing editorial opinions for his local paper. He is also developing Indoor Greenfield, a new community family entertainment club with a multisport complex where both youth and adults can participate in team sports and educational play located in downtown Greenfield and is assisting the community and county on energy, water and sanitation.



Randolph T Ziesenis


In1980 I started inventing things. The following are some of the projects or inventions; I have done, recently completed or are currently doing. Many technologies more that I keep as Trade Secrets. 

1. Invented system and hardware for monitoring and tracking probation offenders, cell phones and vehicles. After receiving NIJ award for the best system in Oklahoma test.

I sold technology to Brinks and McCall cellular in 1989.

During this time, I was traveling in my RV and developed cancer from sleeping over AC/DC generator.

I made an agreement with God to be of service to humanity and the planet. After this I started to focus on health technology. 

2. In1993 I founded Spirits of the Land Foundation Inc with John Vittelo (fund raiser for St Joseph Hospital Foundation) and Bill Rice ( Won sovereignty case against the state of OK in USA Supreme court 9 to 0). In 1996 I moved research lab and family to 160 acre Healing Center, on sacred Indian land in Sac and Fox Nation area. People from around the world have come to experience the healing sites.  www.greatspiritearth.com 

3.  From 1989 to now, I have researched how Radio Frequencies, EMF, SUN, Galactic energy effects humans, animals and plants. Developed wide range of water related technologies. Hired and became friends with Dr Bill Tiller retired now from Stanford Physics Dept who wrote the wording, for my Structured Water patents, 5,925,292 and 6,076,811. Some of my technologies are discussed in his books. Also designed and licensed the original Clarus QLink pendant to reduce the affects of EMF to humans. 

4.  Remote Viewing and Remote Influence by satellite and other ways. Started in 1967 for water and now focus on Primary earth generated water sources (currently locating sources in Africa and China). I worked in oil and gas well locating and maintenance from 2004 to now.

 5  Did consulting in Oil and Gas industries from 2005 to 2007 and designed and tested a RF Vortex Separator to take heavy crude at well site and drop out sulfur, sand, numerous old chemicals and polymers, so finished product was acceptable for tankers to purchase (ended up like motor oil in car) . 

6  Also developed system to enhance drilling mud, using Zeta potential and formula.

 7  Developed Magnetic down hole pump so that moving parts did not touch and would process oil on the way to surface. Does not hurt pump if gas is in oil or no fluids.

 8  Total controller and monitoring system, by palm, short range wireless and 2 way satellites, with internet interface for oil company and investors in wells to know real time selected data.



Mohammed Maideen

Mohammed Maideen is the Managing Director of Environ Projects Pte Ltd. in Singapore

With more than 10 years experience as an Administrator of complex emergency operations and technical cooperation projects with the Department of Humanitarian Affairs, United Nations Office, Geneva as well as more than 10 years experience in International Trade, Business Development and Projects

Maideen has undertaken Project Consultancies with Governments and private sectors in organizing joint-ventures and International Partnerships which includes Barter trading arrangements and technology-transfers, equipment sourcing.

Dr. Kim MItchell, PhD

Profile coming

Sean Malcom Wheeler


Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Colorado, Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Kansas.

Public and Private Sector Land Use Planner with 15 years experience in the development of Urban and Rural areas.

Former television news producer and writer.

Retired U.S. Navy Gulf War Veteran and former Naval Officer with international work and travel experience in over 25 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

I am deeply honored to be asked to serve on the Advisory Board for the Global Peace Partners Inc.  The more I read and learn about the Global Peace Partners, the more I am drawn to support its objectives.  I truly believe that peacemakers are blessed.  That belief was solidified in me most recently while I worked as a consultant in Kabul, Afghanistan for two months in the fall of 2011.  There I was welcomed with great kindness by the Afghans with whom I worked.  They were happy to share with me about their culture and faith, and equally interested to learn about my world as well. I genuinely wanted to, as I knew little about them and have a passion for learning about other people and their cultures.   As a guest in their country, I also felt I had some obligation to do so and it was a rewarding experience.  I developed a strong bond of friendship with several young Afghans that continue today via email now that I’ve left Kabul. 


I have been described by some as Renaissance man of sorts, but I know that whatever successes I’ve had are because my life is blessed by God.  My career has been varied and interesting.  After graduating from high school in Tucson, Arizona I enlisted in the U.S. Navy, feeling a strong compulsion to serve my country.  My Navy career spanned 20 years on both active duty and in the reserves.  Eventually I received my Commission and “retired” as a Lieutenant.


Early in life I discovered a passion for writing which led me to pursue a degree in journalism.  My first job out of J-school was at CNN.  Nothing fancy, I just worked as a camera operator and copy boy for the on-air talent.  From there I moved on to two ABC affiliates where I worked as a News Producer.  In college my advisor told me I looked far to young to get a job on-air, so I pursued an off-camera career path.  As a journalist I was able to continue to sharpen my writing skills that still serve me well today.  Eventually I opted to leave the profession as in school I was taught to tell the truth and report just the facts.  I found this was not often how things worked in the real world of television news, so I returned to active duty in the Navy as a young ensign after my Commissioning.  The Navy trained me as an intelligence officer and during the first Gulf War I served as a courier to the Middle East, in addition to being a geopolitical and terrorism analyst for the active duty forces afloat.  At the end of the war, Congress cut the intelligence officer active duty forces by 43% and I found myself out of a job and considering new options.


Out of necessity I had to pursue another interest as the Navy no longer provided a full-time job and too much time had passed for me to find another place in the world of journalism.  I was accepted at Virginia Tech in their graduate landscape architecture program, and eventually transferred to the University of Colorado at Denver to complete my studies.  Nakata Planning Group in Colorado Springs hired me from an internship position after graduation, where I worked in military facility planning.  From there I moved to the public sector land use planning field, first working for the Town of Basalt, Colorado as an Assistant Planner then moving on to the Larimer County Planning Department in Northern Colorado.  I would remain in that position for almost 13 years until the County faced a severe budget shortfall in 2010 and my position was eliminated.  During my time there I gained a significant amount of experience in the challenges of land use development and some maturity as well.  It was a worthwhile time in my life on many levels, and I even met my beautiful wife there and we have been very happily married for almost 7 years now.  In the summer of 2011 I accepted a contract role with AMEC in Afghanistan as a Senior Landscape Architect and Military Facilities Planner.  The position was supposed to last a full year and perhaps two, but shortly after my arrival in Kabul contract work began to quickly fall off.  As the last person hired, I was the first to be let go.


I have an absolute passion for serving in one capacity or another.   I am hopeful my experience and personal goals will serve Global Peace Partners well, and I am excited to be a part of this organization.


Dr. Delois Blakely, PhD


Dr. Delois Blakely
Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely was mentored by notables, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Former President of Tanzania and Dr. Angie Elizabeth Brooks, First Woman President of the General Assembly at the United Nations. Queen Mother Dr. Blakely enjoys a life-long student and practitioner of the visual arts, music, dance, modeling, law, business, and social work. Queen Mother Dr. Blakely serves the World as a Humanitarian Trailblazer protecting Human Rights for the poor and the powerless and enjoys traveling the world and working to eliminate poverty.


Dr. Ani Kalayjian, PhD


Dr. Ani Kalayjian

Dr. Ani Kalayjian

Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress

Fellow of New York Academy of Medicine

President, Association for Trauma Outreach & Prevention

Board of Directors, CONGO Committee on Spirituality, Values, and Global Concerns at the UN

Chair, Health, Transformation & Spirituality, WG of UN CSVGC-NY

Chair of Mentoring and Disaster Prevention Committees, APA Int. Division

President, Armenian American Society for Studies on Stress & Genocide




Dr. Ani Kalayjian

Distinguished Alumni Award Citation

Columbia University, Teachers College Alumni Association

Dr Ani Kalayjian, you have devoted your life to studying the impact of trauma and to helping others to heal. That calling grows out of your family’s history and your own: As a child in Syria, where your family had sought refuge from the Ottoman Turkish Genocide of Armenians, you lived with the constant sound of Israeli warplanes flying low over your neighborhood.

In a sense, your life since then has been- to borrow a phrase from your own writings- about channeling the sense of helplessness that one feels in such moments into the work of helping others. You have treated and studied survivors of manmade disasters- the Gulf War, the war in Vietnam, the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, the World Trade Center attacks- as well as survivors of disasters arising from natural causes: the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, the 1994 earthquake in Southern California, Hurricane Andrew in Southern Florida, the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, the 1999 earthquake in Turkey and the 2004 Tsunami.

You have distilled and codified your learnings from those experiences in the landmark publication Disaster and Mass Trauma: Global Perspectives in Post-Disaster Mental Health Management- a practical guide for others in your field that not only reviews a range of valuable therapies such as biofeedback, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, logotherapy and symbolic experimental training, but also gives much needed consideration to the issue of nurturing the care-giver. Your II volumes on Mass Trauma and Emotional Healing around the Globe is a jewel in disaster recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation areas; additionally your book on Forgiveness & Reconciliation is a pathway for conflict transformation and peace building. And you have helped disseminate your knowledge through your teaching at Columbia, Fordham, Hunter College, Pace, John Jay and many other institutions- and through your creation and leadership of a long list of professional societies and advocacy organizations. These include the Association for Trauma Outreach & Prevention (affiliated with the United Nations); the Armenian American Society for Studies on Stress and Genocide; the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies; the Global Society for Nursing and Health; the Mental Health Outreach Programs around the globe in over 32 calamities; the Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment; the United Nations Non-Governmental Organization Executive Committee; the World Federation for Mental Health; and many others under the umbrella of Meaningfulworld.com.

Dr. Kalayjian, a protégé of yours once wrote of you: “What is extraordinary about my teacher and mentor is her unrelenting commitment to bettering society by unifying minds and hearts; emphasizing likeness in human beings and appreciation of differences. She is steadfast in her optimism that prevention of human-made trauma and resilience post natural disasters can be realized and nurtured through forgiveness, compassion and respect for all humanity and earth.”

No work is more important in this day and age, and few are doing it more effectively than you. For your tremendous contributions to the wellbeing of all, we award you the Distinguished Alumni Award of Teachers College.


Frank Rivas

 ·         Founder/Partner at Cargo Plus, LLC

·         Owner/Founder at International Aircraft Sales, LLC

·         Captain at United Airlines, Inc

Care Convoy Eastern Division

William Rackely

Shari Ravenscoft


Shari Ravenscroft, is a member of the Osage Indian Nation, USA, descendant of the ‘Sky People, Eagle Clan’. Shari’s Indian name ‘Xhu-Eh-Doin’ (meaning: One who looks at the Eagle, Carries the True Meaning for Us) is a testament to her convictions.  To carry the Truth with zeal in every aspect, along with an uncanny ability to connect individuals with purposeful design, Shari presents her abilities as an active advisor and consultant.

Shari is co-founder of 7Words Music, a non-profit organization dedicated to reconciliation through music to the world along with her late husband Ron Ravenscroft. Ron, world class conductor and composer of ‘The Revelation’ Oratorio, and various other God honoring works, ventured with Shari in music projects throughout the world for over 20 years, with their main focus in Austria. 

Furthering her passions, Shari has forged an alliance with The Healing Community and Dr. Wayne Nickens; Operates as Advisor for Global Peace Partners with Dan Moody; and has partnered with Shofar Global Network and founder Brett Rademacher. 

Her vision for healing and reconciliation reaches even greater momentum with husband David Webster in the endeavors of their production company, White Owl Films.  Shari believes media to be an essential tool in spreading a message of reconciliation and hope to the world and meets this charge with great enthusiasm.


Dr. Adel Ghobbar, PhD


Dr. Adel Ghobbar
MRO & ILS Studies Director
Air Transport & Operations
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Delft University of Technology  The Netherlands



M. Atta ur Rehman - Ambassador at Large

Mr. Muhammad Atta Ur Rehman, member (designation) of Global Peace Partners born in Khushab, Pakistan. He graduated in Computer Sciences, served in The Bank of Punjab for 05-06 Years. Due to his interest in social activities and humanitarian services, he joined The Tulip Foundation as project director and starting serving humanity. He, with Mr. Kevin Kemal Yildrim from Turkey and with some other friends founded an international organization named The Multipurpose Inter Parliamentary Union (TMIPU) for protection of human rights and sustainable development in rural areas which is famous in all over the World.. His services has been admired by World Organization fo Natural Medicince Canada and WONM appointed him as Ambassador and Humanitarian Outreach Director. "Save the Children" awarded him for "Champion for Children" for 2013 to appreciate his moral support for the African Children in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya and Nigeria. 


I was born in Khushab, Pakistan on 15th October, 1984 in a middle class family. I am elder son of my parents having two brothers and two sisters. My father, Muhammad Aslam, is serving Public Health Engineering Department Punjab, Pakistan. My mother, Sarwar Bibi, is house wife. I am married and have two children, a son of 05 years and a daughter of 03 years. We are permanent resident of Khushab city along with our other family members and have good social links in the city and the district. I completed my Bachelor of Computer Sciences Degree in August 2004, served the Bank of Punjab for 05Years and joined The Tulip Foundation as project director in April 2010 and starting serving humanity as I am keen interest to do social work. I, with Mr. Kevin Kemal Yildrim from Turkey and some other friends founded The Multipurpose Inter Parliamentary Union TMIPU for protection of human rights and sustainable development in rural areas and now I am looking myself as International personality as President of TMIPU. A one of best Indian University, recognized my services for humanity and is going to award me an honorary doctorate degree of humanity. 

Richard Morgan
Bio coming

Luis Carlos Montalvan
Bio coming

Fidel Moreno
Film Maker, Producer, and CoFounder Healing Winds

Nic Quiles III



Mid East Leadership


Eyal Raviv personifies the respect toward others that we seek around the world.  His leadership of http://www.mepeace.org/ is significant toward healing relationships globally. 




 I am an eternal optimist! I want peace so that people can live fully, and enjoy their life. I want peace so there will be joy and not mourning. I want peace so we can know one another...                          

Asian Youth Leadership


Rashad Javed
Chairman of Hope Development Organization
Faisalabad Pakistan

Rashad has a tremendous vision for the nation of Pakistan and the nations around it.  His work with youth is growing dramatically and His contribution to Peace is a great inspiration. It is a great honor to have Rashad with us.

Debbie McNeal



 Debbie McNeal

Gitwinksihlkw, BC  Canada

Debbie is from the Nisga Tiribe
in Northern British Columbia her voice has
blessed many people from Luis Palau Crusades in Brazil to events at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC

Debbie and her husband, Oliver are Salvation Army Officers and their lives have had a big impact on many around the world


Bawa Jain - Undersecretary General UN - World Religions


Bawa Jain, the Secretary-General of The Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders that opened at the United Nations in August 2000, is a visionary leader in the interfaith movement throughout the world. After working closely on the World Peace Summit with the office of the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Jain committed his life to finding ways that the worldwide religious and spiritual communities can work together as interfaith allies with the United Nations on specific peace, poverty and environmental initiatives.

Mr. Jain traveled extensively for two years on behalf of the creation of The World Council of Religious Leaders, a direct outcome of the Millennium World Peace Summit. The World Council was successfully launched at the United Nations in Bangkok on June 12, 2002 and, at the request of the preeminent world spiritual leaders who were present, Mr. Jain now serves as the first Secretary-General of The World Council. The Council is charged with being a strong resource for and a collaborator with the United Nations and other international and national organizations whose purposes include promoting peace, harmony, tolerance, and mutual respect among human beings and the evolution of world social and economic justice.

In 2001, Bawa Jain was asked by The World Economic Forum to help integrate a religious dimension into the Forum's activities by bringing a delegation of religious leaders to their meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The strategic partnership that was formed between The World Economic Forum and The Millennium World Peace Summit resulted in the launching of the Forum's Religious Initiative. Mr. Jain, who assisted the religious leaders' participation in the Forum's 2002 meeting, continues to develop an integrated framework for world religions, business, and government communities to address world problems collectively.

In addition to these activities, Bawa Jain's visionary contribution to the betterment of humanity is found in three on-going programs that he inaugurated. As founder of The World Movement for Nonviolence, he conceived of The Gandhi-King Award, which fosters the practices and principles of non-violence in daily life. Past recipients include UN General Secretary Kofi-Annan, Nelson Mandela, and Dr. Jane Goodall. As Co-Director of the Season for Nonviolence from 1998-2000, Mr. Jain helped create the second on-going activity—nonviolence youth programs. These programs are now operating in 115 cities in the United States and 15 countries. Finally, as Vice President of the Interfaith Center of New York from 1997 to 2000, Mr. Jain organized an annual Interfaith Service that continues to mark the opening of the United Nations General Assembly.

Committed to the global interfaith movement, Mr. Jain services as a Trustee of the Council for the Parliament of the World's Religions and was its Vice-Chair in 2000. He is active in the United Religions Initiative, where he convened an Indo-Pakistani Dialogue Forum in 1998. Mr. Jain continues to counsel governmental, business and religious organizations on deeper involvement in interfaith activities and global initiatives. He also serves on the Earth Charter Initiative International Resource Team, the Advisory Board of the Center for Religion and Diplomacy, and the Advisory Board of the Earth Council's Collaborative on National Councils of Sustainable Development. Mr. Bawa Jain co-founded the Global Commission for the Preservation of Sacred Sites.

In response to the requests of UN Agencies and governments, Bawa Jain travels around the world to speak on religious diplomacy, spirituality, religion, and peace. He is published and has been the recipient of numerous awards.


Dr. Robert Penna PhD



Robert Penna

Robert M. Penna has been consulting for Charity Navigator since 2009. He writes blogs, edits guest blog entries for Ken’s Commentary, and has co-authored several articles with Ken Berger. Dr. Penna provides his expert knowledge of the sector to help Charity Navigator to develop grant proposals. Charity Navigator receives many requests to expand our services abroad - from Canada, to Itay and India - and Dr. Penna coordinates all those efforts. He is also the author of The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox, a Hewlett Foundation-sponsored outcomes workbook for the nonprofit field, which has been endorsed by Charity Navigator.

From 2000 to 2008, Dr. Penna was senior consultant to The Rensselaerville Institute where he made important contributions to numerous Institute projects including the facilitation of seminars at the Institute’s Center for Outcomes. He is the lead author of Outcome Frameworks, a book published in 2005 designed to teach donors and nonprofit managers how to select and implement an outcome measurement tool. Prior to his joining the Institute, Dr. Penna was a member of the staff of the New York State Senate for 13 years where he authored several significant pieces of legislation that went on to become law. His present work centers on the application of outcomes to nonprofits, capacity assessment, nonprofit communications and reporting, and the application of corporate sector outcome-based tools and insights to the work of nonprofits. Dr. Penna holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Boston University with a specialization in urban and municipal affairs.



West African Leadership




We are thrilled and humbled to have Andrew Benson Greene working with us in Serra Leone. 

Andrew Benson Greene - Sierra Leone, has 10+ years experience in the non-profit sector, youth and children in wars as well as the issue of child soldiers.Andrew has been a well-known speaker at several world class events such as the Cable and wireless Childnet Awards ceremony at the Science Museum in London 2003, World Summit on Information Society in Geneva 2003, The Hague International Model United Nations conference Netherlands 2004, International Coorporation days hosted by CIDA in Ottawa 2004, The Building a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World in Washington DC, 2005, African Now Untold Stories Conference 2005, The 1st World Ethics Forum for leadership and Integrity at Keble College, oxford University England 2006, and the Lecture series Children of the Crossfire, Kenyon College Ohio 2007.

In 2006, Andrew was contracted twice by the World Bank to produce video documentaries for the World Development Report WDR 2007, in Sierra Leone, focusing on youth unemployment, youth and the next
generation. He has helped extensively in national and international research for
ICT's for human rights of children used in armed conflict. In 2004, he was selected as one of Sauvé 'Dynamic Dozens' receiving the prestigious Sauvé Scholars awards of CAN $30,000 for a year of research and studies at McGill in Montreal.



Gary Langstaff
Former VP International Marketing - Burger King Corporation
Currentl:  CoFounder Cando Network



David Johnson, Executive Director

Center for Advanced Defense Studies



Brendan Loflin
Brendan Loflin Bio

Graduate of North Carolina State University; School of Business. 

Out of college I worked for Cherokee Investment Partners, Cherokee Gives Back on industrial and agricultural business projects in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  During this time in Addis Ababa I developed and managed two Ethiopian scholarship programs to the University of Virginia and Woodberry Forest School.  These programs have placed 25 Ethiopian school students into American schools.  After leaving Ethiopia, I remained active with the Ethiopia Development Fund which sponsors and facilitates job creation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Currently I work for Lockheed Martin as a Contracts Negotiator in Washington, D.C, and attend Loyola University; School of Business as an MBA candidate.



These two want to come on board once we have moved past the visionary stage:

Mr. Heiner Hillmann,

Stuttgart, Germany. Mr. Hillmann is a retired executive of the Robert Bosch Corporation, a technology company with more than 470,000 employees worldwide. Mr. Hillmann would be interested to serve on the board level overseeing/advising on all business and technical implications regarding air operations, technologies and aircraft. I have asked him to provide a short summary of his experience/credentials, which shall follow shortly.

Professor Werner Granzeier,

Hamburg, Germany. Prof Granzeier is considered the “Eminence” in the field of aircraft interior design, automotive design and has developed the ICU units offered by Lufthansa presently. He teaches at Professor Emeritus at the “University of Applied Science” in Hamburg/Germany, serves in various advisory positions in companies such as Volkswagen, Airbus etc. --- He is globally recognized for his more than 45 years of extensive expertise in the fields. He designed and developed Air Hospitals for the German Armed Forces and other organizations.



Jim Maendel



Social Business Development





Apolis Activism is an independent contemporary brand that began with dreams and thread. Three brothers — Raan, Shea, and Stenn Parton — created a unique bridge between commerce and sustainable development. Through their travels they discovered stories of struggle and survival from visionaries and activists for change. These experiences shaped their perspective, resulting in a union of ideal and action. They anchored this vision in the word Apolis, which translates as a “global citizen” — where there are no flags and no borders, humanity is our common cause and greatest priority.

The brothers started making garments in 2004 and began embroidering a trademark red stitch on each piece. The sign of relief and an icon for all global citizens committed to quality and change. Apolis Activism applies contemporary design, premium fabrics, and an opportunity to share the value of Trade. 

The Congo

Pastor Samuel  and Mrs. Faida Muderhwa  

strives to proclaim peace among people in the east of the D.R. of Congo as well as the whole continent of Africa. PCR hopes to free all from inhumane circumstances and to empower communities to take charge of their own destiny. Education is key to PCR's aims, specifically for the future leaders of the world as well as networking between those striving for peaceful reconciliation and those living in areas of conflict.


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