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This Service has been shut down temporarily
It grew too far too fast and outgrew its
technical web boundries

Whether by intent, design or inadvertently, the media elevates the extremes, the hostility, the bombs, the explosive language of the far rights or the far lefts and the people doing wonderful things around the globe go largely unnoticed.  It is the purpose of our World News Service to offer a platform from which the world can hear and learn of the efforts of people making sacrifices, giving their lives, and committing all they are and have to improve the quality of life around them. 

Our World News Service will be open to  anyone, anywhere in the World to post their work and initiatives for Peace This will give a venue and forum for people who will otherwise not be heard and  give voice and recognition to the needs they are facing in their own countries and their efforts to overcome those challenges.



In this venture we especially hope to inspire colleges and university participation 


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