Global Youth Solutions  -   Coming Soon

 Open to Global Youth and
Students around the World:

Identify a significant problem
in your neighborhood, in your 
State or Province, In your Country,
in the World and provide at least
one proposed solution 

Send your proposal to:

Please put Solutions in the Subject Line

Your themes will be part of the Global 
Channel we will introduce in the next six weeks


The Global Youth Think Tank ... a GPP-sponsored "medium" serving as both forum and catalyst for young people globally to identify relevant issues to their immediate community, country, region or world, then collaborate to develop and implement solutions.  

The priority on young people is to capitalize on their fertile, creative minds as free as possible from the experiential prejudice that too often stifles creative solution development. 

To facilitate youth access to and communication with each other, GPP will sponsor the "Global Youth Solutions" Channel, a subscriber-based, web-distributed medium that permits subscriber access/interaction from any web-enabled device.  The Channel will serve as a forum for sharing issues and collecting ideas as contributions for the ultimate publishing of solutions to those issues.

Youth subscribers are responsible for all the content that serves to populate the "programming" on the Channel.  These contributions can be in the form of video, audio, script submissions, etc.  Content is organized by topic and, upon the definition of an "issue," a timetable for putting forth a solution is defined and the online collaboration is underway ... all via GPP's sponsored Global Youth Solutions" Channel. 

As stated, the Channel is subscription based; specifically, participation requires a monthly subscription of $6.25 per.  Two important features of this design: 

  • $2.50 of each monthly subscriber's revenue is shared with GPP as a source of revenue for expanding its operation activities, all of which goes to GPP sponsored projects (i.e. - no withholding for GPP administrative expenses).
  • Each Channel subscriber is able to participate in a new subscriber referral fee program that offers:
    • $5.00 for each new subscription referral
    • $0.20 per month for each active subscription

Accordingly, not only does a Channel subscriber have the ability to participate in the ideation/solution processing of the Global Youth Solutions" Channel, he/she is contributing to the expansion of GPP services and earning personal income. 

Worth noting here is the fact that GPP could require that a portion of the referral fee program could be designated as a contribution to GPP versus all of it going to the subscriber personally.  More discussion required. 

GPP is also encouraging subscriber utilization of this Channel as a commercial utility.  Specifically, GPP's Channel will support subscriber submissions of music, video, products/ services made available for purchase.  The Channel will provide for featuring these submissions as well as facilitate the financial transaction required for purchase.  The submitters are responsible for fulfillment of any hard good/service that is not able to be downloaded via the Channel. 

GPP requests (but does not require) a percentage of the revenue be designated as a contribution to GPP.


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