Good day Mr. Moody. I want to greet you nd to know how you are doing. we used to chat before i lost contact with you,am now back. I am now working with National Disaster Management Organization,which deals with disaster control in Ghana.I thank you for inspiring me about safety nd now am working with safety organization.Thank you.
From Ghana  May 2013

You have SUCH a big heart!  You take God's message of loving each other to the max!

My brain cannot even begin to think of Global change...because then I have to think about all of the problems in the world, especially saddens me too much.  I think I will choose to stay in my little corner of the world because it is more manageable for me!

But thank GOD you are there to do the bigger thinking!
Linda - July 31, 2013

It has been my dream to hear young passionate men share about their visions and dream.  There is no better placed for them do to that then at the house of the most visionary man I know personally, you Dan.  It’s an environment not only to share our dreams but cultivate them in wisdom as well as believe in them.  Thank you for opening your heart and doors and not only believing in us by giving us wisdom and guidance. 

Paul - July 5, 2013






Dan is a visionary, a man I am privileged to know, not just by his words, but by his actions.  I have experienced him as a man of integrity and purpose. He inspires those around him by his sincere love and service for mankind.  He is a man destined to affect lives around the world in need of hope and assistance.  I am grateful for the opportunity to support the projects of Dan and Global Peace Partners.

Los Angelis ,  California


"I have gotten to know Dan Moody, through Clarence John Martin and Christ Jesus Ministry. It has been an honor and pleasure to work with such high caliber people. I take my hat off to you both...." 

George Donnelly, Owner Donnelly Consulting
Feb. 28, 2012



I am the man who wrote the poems on your web site . I have lost touch with some of the people I met through the years of walking through the fire. Dan Moody is one of them. It would be an honer, and a blessing to hear from him, or to at least see how he is doing. I still have faith that The Lord has kept me alive for a reason. I have survived numerous attempts on my life, not to mention a massive heart attack. Thank You and God bless.

W. Pangman  - former President Manitoba Warriors 9/27/2011 

People in Need

“Dan is an amazing person. He has a stellar track record of helping people in need and positively impacts everyone he comes across.”
— Andrew Bruskin on Aug 17, 2011

From Ambassador and Former Undersecretary General

Dear Mr. Moody --- Thanks for your mail. I agree totally with your points.

I have also received the powerful statement from Jim White in this regard last week.

Both of you are doing a very praiseworthy advocacy regarding global food security.

Best wishes --- AKC


Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury
Former Under-Secretary-General 
and High Representative of the UN



America Has Talent 

Luis and Tuesday:

Thank you for all the important and noble work you do. 

With blessings and best regards, 
Luis & Tuesday 

April 18, 2011 



Thanks for making time for my visit yesterday and sharing your vision. You outlook and attitude toward what your are called to is inspiring. While I aspire to that way of being, I realize how I fall short, pressed by the concerns of life...boys in college, underemployment etc. But your example is one of many 'saints' who are helping me to realign my focus. 

Thanks and blessings. I would not be surprised if we find oursleves working shoulder to shoulder some day for the greater common good...the Kingdom of God. 

Lancaster County
March 16, 2011 



Dan you are constantly amazing me with your ideas and creativity.

God has given you a wonderful gift to see things in away that glorifies

his name. 

Anthony - NJ

Feb. 18, 2011


From Kosova:

From The Bench:

Dear Dan:

A note of praise that we should have our chance meeting at the National
Prayer Breakfast to become reacquainted. You have been, and continue to
be, a great inspiration to me and I thank you for all of the ongoing work
that you have done and are continuing to do on behalf of the Kingdom.

Its also exciting to read about the endeavor that you are currently
involved in. Its really amazing that it hasn't been thought of before - to
move a hospital by airplane - but so be it and now you're off and doing it.
I do recognize that this is extremely expensive and, hopefully, the funding
will be coming forward from necessary and appropriate foundations, etc. to
provide this highly needed service.

In simple terms, you're a good man.

If you find yourself in the North country, please stop in.

If I can be of any assistance to you, kindly advise.

Warmest regards,

Hon. Paul A. Magnuson

Feb. 24, 2011


From Kenya:

Hello Dan, I am thankful to God for using you to launch this great movement. Reading stories of Global Peace Partners incredible network and accomplishments around the world is quite inspiring. We will be glad to explore ways of possible partnership with GPP with our grass-root peace organization in Kenya: Mt. Elgon Peace Initiative.
Feb. 10,  2011


 It was pleasure meeting you at the NPB in Washington D.C., I was impressed with your effort to secure an Airplane Hospital to help less fortunate people to have surgery. Keep up the good work

Stay in touch
Ralph Kader
United Nations
Feb. 5, 2011


 Dear Mr. Dan,

Very happy to visit your profile, You are really "DON" not Dan of the peace.

Please suggest  how we work together for similar cause in future.


Muhammad Tahir Tabassum
Pakistan  Feb.  5, 2011




 Dear Uncle Dan Moody,

Peace and love.
Thank you for your powerful direction and motivation.
l wholly embrace the idea and will seriously sharpen my attention for such an approach. l started somehow so l will persevere in this path of faith play.Thank you Uncle Dan. Good to have you as a friend. Best wishes in the Year. Bye for now.
Your faith friend,

Jan. 12, 2011


Thanks Dan , for this message. You have always had great ideas. together we can have a feeling of belonging, and make the world a better place to live

God bless!


Kampala Uganda
Dec. 27, 2010


Daniel Moody 's commitment and compassion is a contribution to a transcendent world. comm
Eyal Raviv
Founder - MEPEACE
Nov. 25, 2010



Just gone through your website...It's really a good one!! You r doing a great job for ensuring peace...All the best for u...pls tell me if i can do something for this noble cause

Dr. Rakshit 
Asst. Professor Political Science
Nov. 13, 2010 
Dan -- I'm amazed at this new opportunity! 

May God continue to reveal His glory as you partner with others in this new venture of being an agent for peace in a sin ravaged world.  I'd love to hear more sometime about how God brought this "dream" into your and Dora's life. 
I've browsed through the attachments, and read up on some of the agencies you'll be partnering with -- God has blessed you with the influence of some powerful leaders and organizations.  I will pray for you that you will manage that in such a way that the purpose of this project will draw attention to the One who provided the means.
I wall pray especially for you as you speak to these great minds at the conference in CA, that God will give you not only the words, but the heart of God that will minister first to those listening and then beyond -- and that the fruit of your work will indeed do justice to your name "Global Peace Partners. 
I well remember the message you spoke at our church park event in Altona, how God chose to speak through the life of the prostitute at the well (John 4).  This new venture will open the door for you to speak the Gospel message to many who have prostituted themselves to the power of this world.  As God releases you from your long "desert journey" I pray that you will have the courage of your convictions to speak and live the message of Christ where ever this stage in life will leave you.
Be encouraged by the words of Paul to the Galatians -- words both of admonition and encouragement for the believer who is active in the world on His behalf:
“Don't be misled.  Remember that you can't ignore God and get away with it.  You will always reap what you sow!  Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful desires will harvest the consequences of decay and death.  But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit.  So don't get tired of doing what is good.  Don't get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time.”  Gal. 6:7-9
Look forward to hearing more -- will pray along with you.
Partners in Christ!
Allen Kehler
Evenengelical Mennonite Mission Church Manitoba, Canada
Oct. 30, 2010 




 Thanks so much for the wonderful message you sent.

I like the positive spirit in your message and I want to encourage you
that the journey you have started and it is noble.It is such initiative
that have brought hope in this world and I want you to know that resources
follow a vision and your vision will get all the resources so that people
like us can benefit to advance our work here in Africa.
I want you to keep the energy strong for God has a great purpose.
Jared - Kenya
October 17, 2010



Thank you Dan; for your inspiration today, and for your passion and commitment to world transformation. There may be many people who see this time in all of its unprecedented challenges as desperate. I happen to believe it is the very best time to be alive for the very same reason. We must do this work. In doing it in these times we have the opportunity and the obligation to build a new world. There will never be a time like this one. So we must work together, with no margin for error, and no time to waste. 

Tom, Chicago Atty and President Dreams for Kids
Oct. 7, 2010 

I really appreciated our time together this morning.  It is good to be with a brother who shares a commitment to walking with Jesus and treating all people as Jesus would.  Your vision as expressed in Global Peace Partners is inspiring and I pray that the Lord who goes before you will bless you with all that is needed to realize that vision.
I look forward to staying in touch.
Your brother,
Prison Fellowship International
June 22, 2010


Thank you for the encouragement and advise. Trying to follow your advise.
Sri Lanka
June 3, 2010 


I'm blown away.......
Jefferson, MO
May 5, 2010 


Your mission is Amazing!  Ephesians 3:20 Decade Amazing!....
Salem, OR
April 30, 2010


 I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and the fine people at Global Peace Partners.  Together we can advance cause of world peace by spreading the word about the great things that people do every day.  I am prepared to work with you and join forces to pursue new and effective ways to address issues, solve problems and show that what unites us is stronger than what divides us.  Our spiritual lives may be different but there are striking similarities which cannot be denied or ignored.  I intend to do whatever needs to be done to foster the goals of this organization.  I look forward to this challenge and know that together we can change things for the better.
New Carlisle, IN 
April 23, 2010


Thank-you for your blessings for all of the children of Cameroon.

Sincerely,   Dianne  April 12, 2010


Thank you for your compassionate efforts to really help people, for all the seedlings of hope you initiate. And also thanks to your great team.
Best wishes
Peter K
April 2010

Thanks for the advise about my marriage problems. we have sorted it out with our church counselors, and after 13 years of unholy marriage, we will be wedding on the 11th september 2010. Am thankful for your advise. 
God bless you
April 2010

Kampala, Uganda 


I was thinking about you and your work and what a blessing you are and it is to the world!
Cleveland Heights, OH
March 26, 2010  


I recognize and respect your  commitment and leadership. 
Tel Aviv, Israel
March 20, 2010


 I will like to introduce you and Dan Moody for the purpose of connecting in a peace iniative that is growing, and which I will be pleased Sam is a part of. I am also a part of it and represent the group in Sierra Leone.  the organization is called Glopal Peace Partners and the Founder is Dan. He has great vision. warm wishes,
Sierre Leone W. Africa
March 6, 2009

Thanks for the wisdom you showed me in the reply to my mail. i really appriciate and i beleive God will see us through.
Lagos,  Nigeria
March 5, 2009 


Someone who dosn't shudder me to the curb touches me; so you've got like a giant stack of brownie points built up behind that too. Just a giant mound of them, too big to count.  - Chris
Nashville, TN
February 27, 2010


A friend of ours directed us to your website! We are astounded and so excited to see what you are doing! This is the direction that God has been leading us for years. We have set out to gain experience in several aspects of what your organization is currently doing! We have a passion burning in us for people everywhere and of every walk. We live our lives in step with aligning ourselves to be available to reach out and lend both our experience and our hearts to whom ever needs us both here in the US and around the world! Thank you so much for what you are doing and for reinforcing in us that we are working towards something very achievable as we strive to equip ourselves to reach the world!

WiIth Great Respect,
Frank and Jaime Giardina  
February 25, 2010 



Dan, what you have dreamed of is a blessing for the world....
Debra, Ohio  Feb. 23, 2010


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