Gobal Peace Partners, bridges the turbulent waters of

political, religious, cultural and social boundaries through

medical diplomacy.  Taking the lead before disaster strikes,

our Care Convoy delivers Search, Rescue and Medical

Equipment to enable nations to be better prepared for the

disasters growing in frequency and intensity around the


Care Convoy



 Buhl HS Idaho:  Automotive Students dedicate their training and skills to tune up each of the donated ambulances for shipping abroad!

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Care Convoy 2012


Care Convoy January 2012


The care Convoy started out informally several years ago with equipment being taken down during trips to the Baja races by rescue teams.  We started the official Care Convoy trips Nov. 2010.  What have we done since the start of the formal trips in November 2010?

We delivered $76,000 in supplies and equipment to Mexico in 2010.  These supplies and equipment were donated by Fire and Ambulance groups.

2011 saw us deliver over $2 million in supplies and equipment donated by not only fire and Ambulance but also by hospitals, clinics, private individuals, government entities, and corporations.  The items donated grew from EMS and fire to other medical equipment/supplies, ambulances, rescue equipment/supplies, medications, computers, and almost any other items that we could find a match between donors and people in need.

We currently have over $500,000 donated items stored waiting for delivery either to Mexico  or to any of the other groups we are working with in Pakistan, Africa, Haiti, and other countries/regions.

The dollar amount used to move this project from zero to over $2 million was approx.$15,000 and a lot of donated time, services, and other.

Our sponsors include private individuals, public agencies, fire departments, Ambulance departments, clinics, hospitals, corporations, businesses, and others.  A partial list:

Automotive Students at Buhl High School fixed up an ambulance to send to Mexico and will help with others.

Robert and Alene Jaynes supplied trucks and gas to pick up and deliver these items  * Napa Auto parts donated parts to fix up the ambulance * Parts Plus/Kirkham Auto donated parts for ambulance repair * Depot Grill donated dinner or breakfast and a place to start out trips * Interstate batteries donated batteries for the ambulance * Les Schwab donated tires for the ambulance * Garibaldi’s restaurants have put up donations jars to help raise funds * Jackpot Fire donated supplies/equipment *Hagerman Fire/Rescue donated supplies/equipment *Rupert Fire donated supplies/equipment * Sun Valley Fire donated supplies/equipment * Beaver dam/Littlefield Fire donated supplies/equipment * Duard Stout donated supplies/equipment *  Rod Gamble donated supplies/equipment/ambulances * Shoshone Fire donated supplies/equipment * Micro Chips donated supplies/equipment * Mustard Seed donated supplies/equipment * Mustard Tree donated supplies/equipment * Families Plus donated supplies/equipment * St Lukes donated supplies/equipment * DJ Jensen donated supplies/equipment * SCORE International helped out with gas money * Instant Mexican insurance donated time and money * Twin Falls Storage donated storage space to store donated items * Kerry Graves has donated time and use of his trucks as well as putting together crews/trucks for the trips to Mexico * Buhl printing donated signage for the ambulance * Jim Holston donated supplies/equipment * Professional security donated trucks, time, and services * MVT donated news coverage * West Gates donated time and materials * Lincoln County donated and ambulance Kinko’s Boise donated services * Signed Sealed and Delivered donated services * NORRA donated time and resources * Filer Fire Department * And many others.

We are actively looking to expand donation partners in the United States and the  number of countries that will receive this equipment with the  desire to see the standard of medical care rise globally.

 Thanks goes out to all who have made this happen.


Todd Jaynes, Director Care Convoy and VP Global Peace Partners

Donations made to Mexico Nov. 2010

  Quantity amount ea total
Donated item      
turn out sets 15 2500 37500
SCBA 4 4500 18000
Back boards 13 150 1950
Scoop back boards 4 500 2000
Folding flats 3 400 1200
Helmets 17 350 5950
Medical equipment     7600
$donated to deliver     2500
Gloves 9 150 1350
misc     450
total     78500

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