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Mission Statement

The purpose of this corporation shall be to spread and further the Love of God, expressed in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, through, but not limited to,  publishing, education, medical assistance, prison ministries, mission through the U.S., Canada, and abroad, with the intent to develop reconciling relationships and the alleviation of human suffering through charitable, medical, relational, and recreational programs.   

This Corporation will, as well, aid existing peace and reconciliation initiatives by other individuals and organizations.

Global Peace Partners will play an active role in reaching out with respect to Individuals, Organizations, and Nations who may not share the same religion, the same race, the same nationality, the same politics and the same culture or traditions, in an effort to seek peaceful solutions in complex situations in order to ease global tensions. This is always to be done with utmost respect of all parties. 

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GPP World News Service

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Global Peace Partners is building a forum for any peace worker
from around the globe to post blogs, photos, video clips
of thier work and insights of thier nation. 
The purpose of this forum is to reach out
and respect those who may not share the same religion, the same race,
the same nationality, the same politics and the same culture
and yet seek peace!

Seeds of Peace

Deep in the heart of Maine, the almost unknown little town of Otisfield just north of Portland, is transformed into an oasis, into a paradise of woods, water, and hills, that opens its arms to youth, not the traditional summer camp that busy parents send their kids to and call vacation,  but a camp to which young adults come from the most explosive areas of the world. 

For a short time Otisfield becomes  home to Hundreds of young leaders, young adults from the most violent  sectors  of the world.  Israeli Youths Play soccer with their Palestinian counterparts. Young Indians canoe with their Pakistani neighbors.  Teens caught in the crossroads of decades of hostilities are brought together, to work together to play together and to search for answers together.  South East Asian youth that have seen decades of war, Egyptian, Jordanian Afghan youth leaders come together with American Youth to break through cultures of explosive rage and violence, years of animosity and fighting, daily blood baths.

Young adults taught a language of hatred now for the first time can see their enemies  up close, eye ball to eyeball, sharing breakfast, lunch, a marshmallow roast over a campfire, in competition not with guns and mortar but with racing, playing, running laughing and most of all a deep lesson that so many of us have yet to learn, that this planet has to be shared with those that do not share the same religion, the same nationality, the same race the same culture, the same politics. 


June 15th - August 9th
250 Youths Each Day
Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

We invite you to become part of this wonderful event
in helping make each meal for these youth
a Celebration!

Seeds of Peace

Hope Development Organization                                          Pakistan

Let me introduce to you a very special friend

Rashad Javed,  Chairman
 Hope Development Organization

Pakistan is suffering with terrorist activities, and too many innocent people are losing their lives. We see the reasons for this as mostly religious misunderstandings and misguidance by religious leaders. Also, the disputed territories, between countries cause strife. Greed, hate and social ignorance are the problems we want to help solve.

Right now our nation needs to take this kind of initiative. We welcome you to join hands to save our country and the world.

Register your name with Youth Peace Club, and let’s change our future.


Hope Development Orginization is a local non-profit, non-governmental organization, based in Faisalabad, the third largest city in Pakistan.  Almost two million people live here and in the surrounding villages.  Most of us are very poor and undernourished.  We help people in the poorest areas.  Our target is women and children.  They are the best hope against terrorism, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, which are devastating our country.   

We believe that by educating our children in the ways of peace and empowering our women as equal citizens we can defeat the evil in our land and bring this besieged part of Pakistan into the worldwide community of cooperating people.

The Youth Peace Club is growing dramatically and with much enthusiasm
It is our goal to spread this positive energy across Pakistan
and burst the borders of India and Afganistan!


Most of our two million people in the Faisalabad area are poor and undernourished.  Our children do not usually understand themes of peace and reconciliation, so immersed are they in the “virtues” of violence.  They are taught that virtue is to do good only to followers of their own religion or sect.  We have not learned, as a country, to get along, and some of our children move toward terrorism in the process of survival.

We at HDO have decided to devote most of our effort to projects designed to bring peace to our country.  We are in a position for this task because of our work in the schools, factories, and communities since 1997. Providing help for oppressed women and children and medical services for the underprivileged.  Our new Youth Group Boy’s Wing is dedicated to creating peaceful enthusiasm in boys.  We have selected twenty schools in the Faisalabad region for intense exposure to peaceful living, especially in the schools where bigotry is strong.  We involve children in Peace Seminars, writing peace slogans, documentaries showing the pain and loss of lives caused by hate, poster competitions, peace walks with banners, three Peace Conventions, speech competitions, a Conflict Resolution Table where children talk about their problems with resolution as the goal. With field trips we visit other groups working on peace.  We believe this proposed project can bring a new attitude of peace among our children, replacing bigotry in the next generation.

(HDO - Past and Current Work):
HDO is a community-based organization seeking to transform deprived lives through sustainable development.  Our emphasis are physical, social and economic help through medicine, encouragement and training.
Helping people to change their own unsatisfactory situations.
Improve the literacy rate of working children.
Promote harmony among people of diverse economic status and religion.
Train women for the workplace and increase their confidence.
Provide assistance to the disabled.
Provide health services and awareness for the very poor..
Assist communities in defining their needs, and then define our programs. (The Peace Project)

Descriptions of the twenty schools initially targeted and the children who attend them.
Descriptions of the teachings and activities.
The administrative structure and avoiding conflict with leaders who may object.
Evaluation and monitoring.
Future expansion of the Peace Project if results warrant.
(Pakistan and the World):

We are positioned to exert a great influence on our region and on the world, either for good or for evil.  Our country is bordered by India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and China with disputed and ungoverned territories within and neighboring us.  While our government claims friendliness with the civilized nations, many factors work against our joining with the peaceful nations of the world.  Our children are the best hope for reversal of trends that tend to lead Pakistan in the direction of trouble.

I realize that the economy in the world is troubled. It is not in good shape but this cannot stop me from trying for peace in my region. As you already know it is very hard to run this kind of organization in this kind of country without any partner organizations and without any proper funding. We face too many problems every day. We need your prayers, helping hands and love to keep going with all of this until our peace mission is realized.

We require Peace volunteers for office and field, Peace books and other materials, 1 Multi Media Computer, 1 digital Camera with cam corder and software, Peace related shirts and materials, and especially donations.
For further information, please visit or contact HDO office by phone or email

May God bless you all and make your channel of blessings to many. (I love each and every one of you.)



Christ Jesus Ministries

Website coming soon

Crusade for Positive Change with Darlington Onwukwe

 Lagos Nigeria

The mission of CRUSADE FOR POSITIVE CHANGE is to institute and develop programs that will significantly shape the society, improve the quality of life among the people and create positive changes through effective and selfless service delivery
system to her target audiences.

In view of the above, the CRUSADE FOR POSITIVE CHANGE carries out programs in the healthcare sector, academic and educational institutions, vocational training, environmental assessment programs and skill acquisition projects to her target audiences. By these, the Crusade for Positive Change strongly develops ideas/programs that strengthen global peace initiatives, youth development and advocacy, good governance, human rights and social orientation of the people.
Pointedly put, the CPC stands on zero tolerance on corruption and is totally against all forms of violence, discrimination based on race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, physical challenge, age, or status. There is no affiliation between the CRUSADE FOR POSITIVE CHANGE with any religious or political groups/parties but ready to partner with any of the groups in order to make the world a better place.   
Darlington OJY Onwukwe
Head of Programs and Research
Crusade for Positive Change

B-Gifted Foundation                                            Sierra Leone   Africa



Andrew Benson Greene

To address human rights (including
women and children's rights),  enhance peace, as well as creative means to alleviate poverty and sustainable development in Sierra Leone. We do this through  a medley of approaches including creativity and technology




Haitian Earthquake

Right now we do not have the capacity to
offer help in this disaster
we are including efforts to be involved in the future

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